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Envy CBD: Sour Gummies Review

Updated: Feb 6

Let’s face it, it can be hard to remember to take medicine/supplements every single day, especially when it’s the boring, unflavored powdered ones. But when it comes to CBD, you’ll be begging for more with the sour and sweet fruity flavors of Envy CBD’s Sour Gummies!

As per their other products, the gummies come in the branded design with a child-proof security lid. Each container holds 20 fruity gummies with 10mg of CBD in each. The dosing instructions say to take two gummies a day, but I ate two in one go. Although these are marketed as ‘sour’ gummies, they’re not candy store sour, so don’t expect them to taste like Sour Patch Kids. However, there is a sweet/sour/salty taste as they are coated in sugar/sour crystals. One thing I did notice was that they are a tad bit more firm than regular candy gummies, but they’re not too hard to be unenjoyable. There were about 3-4 different assorted flavors in the container and the effects were subtle and relaxing.

Just to clear the air, CBD is not a fix-it-all and will not cure/diagnose any diseases or other health related difficulties, BUT! I swear by CBD for almost everything else. Lately I have been diving into CBD for my minor MS symptoms and for skate recovery. I used to ignore my symptom/tiredness because I thought it was a normal part of being an adult living with MS, but it took the emergence of CBD to let me know that I don’t have to live in constant pain and discomfort. CBD has really been helping me stay relaxed, minimize aches and pains and kick-start a speedy recovery after a trying skate.

Overall, I am pleased with Envy’s CBD gummies and how they make me feel. If you’d like to try these gummies or any of their other fabulous products, check out their website now and use my code MYELINMOXI36 for a special discount, on me! Because I love you! 😘

Until next time, lovies,