Top 5 Places To Skate During Quarantine

Being on lockdown has all of us going out of our minds, twiddling our thumbs on where to skate, how to get outside and skate and just be outside of our homes and enjoy ourselves. Being stuck in the house has forced me to get creative on where I skate and I’m going to give you a little inspiration for your own quarantine skate dates.

1. Parking Lot/Garage - this is a no-brainer. If your home or apartment has a lot or garage with even surfaces, guess what? You can skate it! (If permissible) Parking lots and garages usually have very smooth concrete that allow you to have a smooth ride and a fun time! If you’re up for a challenge, you can even bomb the slopes of the garage as well! (Be sure to watch for moving cars!)

2. Sidewalks/Bike Lanes - if you’re dying to get outside, like me, feel free to explore your neighborhood using bike lanes or sidewalks (the street, if you’re comfortable + safe) Concrete cruising around your block not only allows you to absorb some sun, but you can experience your neighborhood in a whole new way while staying close to home! The is my personal favorite way to kill some time during quarantine. Also depending on your outdoor skating level, you could even spice up your lap with street obstacles (jumping curbs/potholes, bombing hills, etc) or skating to a spot that’s completely new!

3. Nearby Concrete Trails - If skating your neighborhood is “too close to home” 😅 check out a cool bike/walking trail near you. Trails are usually located in the midst of preserved forests so it can be nice to take in some fresh air and observe the surrounding nature. Skating trails is a great choice when you’re not comfortable with street skating, but want a little more outdoor adventure!

4. Racquetball Rooms - Word on the street is social spaces are beginning to open up, and if that’s the case where you are, see if your nearby racquetball room is open and accepting athletes. Racquetball rooms are a good quiet place to practice and similar to being in the rink with population: one! They have even solid flooring, perfect for wheels and are usually spacious, allowing you to practice, jam and rotate in a rink fashion all evening long!

5. Concrete Ditches - We’re all missing the skatepark 😩 and in order to avoid having them filled with sand from not complying with regulations, we ought to get creative! After driving by a few places to run errands, I came across a dry, concrete ditch that was begging to be skated on. Ditches are sometimes hard to find and some may be completely unskateable, but if you happen to find one that is dry, clean and looks safe, skate and be merry!

And if you simply want to stay at home, (and you have solid concrete, tile or wood floors) you can skate inside! As always, you don’t need to drive very far or have outstanding skating skills to find new places to skate while in quarantine. A little inspiration and a positive viewpoint can have you skating anywhere any time!


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