The Flare is Real!

Updated: Apr 12

If you've seen my latest post on Instagram you know that I've been dealing with numb feet for the past week or so now. What started as a quick skate around the block and a sudden feeling of my skates feeling "too tight" to that feeling extending into the next morning and the next morning. And then the next morning. I continued to skate because the feeling didn't bother me enough to quit skating, but it was a symptom that I noticed had prolonged longer than expected.

Within a few days of noticing the numbness in my feet, I began to feel a weird, numb, rubbery sensation in my legs, genitals, odd areas of skin on my abdomen and a few finger tips on each hand. The sensations weren't dramatic, though, just enough to notice that something weird was happening. I'm used to my body doing and feeling odd things, but this was a little new to me! I kept skating, taking 30-minute laps in the concrete hallways of my apartment, even though my feet felt like I was skating on newspaper and foil. It got to the point where I [calmly] warned Janee about the symptoms I was experiencing and asked if it would be a smarter idea to schedule an appointment with my neurologist sooner than the the one I already had, or wait until July to see him and explain everything. We both thought it would be best to notify him ahead of time to get some professional advice about moving forward.

After explaining my new symptoms, he emailed me back within an hour and confirmed that my symptoms were, in fact, a flare and that I should consider a round of corticosteroids to halt the lesion activity. I was relieved to know that he wanted an immediate quick fix to stop the disease from getting worse, but I also feel quite nervous about taking an immune suppressant while there's a wild virus on the loose! I'm prescribed Prednisone oral tablets for 9 days of which I plan to be in the house for it's entirety. I can't express how I feel about all of this happening in the midst of a week, but I can't say I'm very surprised; just blessed to be able to skate through this flare up while I can.

tay safe, y'all,


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