Skate Style: Skate 'Fit Favorites (Quarantine Edition)

Good ol' COVID quarantine. And just like the now-famous TikTok song says, "I'm bored in the house and I'm in the house bored." It's been rough finding new things to do, stay motivated with my home projects and try not to fall asleep at 4 in the afternoon. With the mild inspiration I've been getting from TikTok fashion shows and YouTube creation, I decided to capture some amazing pics with a cute look I put together!

I've been digging through my summer clothes buckets to prepare for the lovely weather we're having, and I came across this well-loved Guns N' Roses Tee I copped from Charlotte Russe a few years ago! (And YES I do know who Guns N' Roses is!) Wearing band tees as fashion is probably one of my favorite trends! Although I'm very girly and love all things pink (and orange!) I'm a sucker for graphic t-shirts and Chuck Taylor Converse! I purchased this top for about $12-15, don't quote me, and I've been pairing it with all kinds of jeans, skirts, shorts, shorts, and leggings ever since! Outfit inspiration is endless, and the best part is finding new and creative ways to bring your "vintage" look to life.

Now let's talk about this skort, sis. Could it be any cuter? I mean seriously! That color, those buttons, and that fit. I think it's ultra-feminine, retro-chic and adds a pop of color. I purchased this skort from Forever 21 for $27 around 4 years ago (when all the modern chic stores were on a hippy fashion tip) and is definitely one of my favorite pieces to wear in warm weather.

As for the roller skates, you already know, these are my Black suede, outfit stuntin', Moxi Lollies that were given to me by Moxi. I hope this post inspires you to play dress up while being locked in the house, and finding new ways to 'fit your skates! 😘



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