REST ROUTINE: My Self-Care Ritual While Living With MS

Updated: May 23, 2019

Happy Tuesday! Technically it’s Monday for me because I took the day off. I decided I would stay home and nurse my headache from hell and gather my peace of mind. When I take days off due to Multiple Sclerosis, I really try to allow it to be a day of reflection and self care. We are always on the go, constantly moving that we often forget to stop, breathe and check in with ourselves.

When we take time out for ourselves we are consciously acting towards the wellness of our beings. When you have MS it can be a bit of a chore when it comes to taking care of ourselves, considering the amount of spoons we give in our daily lives outside of our homes! Fortunately, in the midst of my raging migraine, I felt inspired to share with you all my ritual for self care when I have the day off!


I literally put my alarm to rest and go BACK to sleep. (After calling in, of course!) Rest is an essential to people with MS because where there's lack of sleep, there's fatigue. I often feel that I don't get enough sleep during the nights (even though I go to bed around 9-10PM) and I wake up groggy and slow. So, when I have the day off I sleep and/or rest in bed to recharge my mind, my muscles and my energy.


One thing you should know about me, I really don’t like to feel under the weather. I like to be out and about and living my best life, and for this matter, roller skating! But when I'm feeling down or taking a day to myself and I have the slightest bit of energy, I try to put it to some creative use! Memory loss or cloudiness is a common symptom for people living with MS so it's important to continue working with my brain and exercise its ability to memorize and retain. My favorite thing to do to exercise my brain, of course, is blogging! It takes little effort, doesn't require you to shower and you can take naps in between if you want to! One of the many reasons I started this skate blog was to have a place to work and be creative when my body defies me. My Moxi skates usually always make me feel better, physically and emotionally, after a good skate. Roller skating, for me, is such a mood-booster and physical liberator, but there are always days when I have to give in and sit my ass down!

I also put my energy into organizing a nice flatlay. There is something so satisfying about seeing all of the items strategically placed that gets my brain-juices flowing! For my inspiration, I check out Instagram and explore or scroll through Tumblr and Pinterest until I can gather what items to use for the day. I like to stick to color schemes, but I honestly feel, with the right props, that flatlays "lay" themselves. I look at unleashing a bit of creativity often as a source of self care because it allows you to connect with yourself psychologically and subconsciously - getting out all of that bottled up artistic ability cooped up inside of you!


For me, it's not a day off without snacks! Given I'm a medical stoner, I LOOOOVE snacks, okurrrr? I usually like to eat healthy snacks like fruits, vegetables and peanut butter or popcorn, but when I'm not feeling well I tend to skip snacks and eat whole meals for energy. MS is constantly running in the background, like an open tab, and it uses more energy than you realize. Next thing you know, you're exhausted from doing a small task. In order to combat the fatigue, I try to eat foods like bananas, apples, beans, brown rice, a shit ton of water, oatmeal, and yogurt with my home cooked meals. I’m usually too tired to cook something new, but my leftovers usually consist of poultry or fish, a vegetable (mainly broccoli and edamame) and a starch, like potatoes. Self care looks different to everyone as everyone has different needs and things to make them feel great. Some of my self-care day-off habits may not be suitable for you, and that's ok! As long as you take some time out for yourself and the bettering of your being, you are on your way to your greatest self!



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