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Updated: Jan 2

The review you all have been waiting for! Here is the written version of my Candi Girl skates that corresponds with my video! If you’re new to skating or looking to buy your first pair of roller skates for an affordable price, these are the skates for YOU!

These little ladies are my (now upgraded) Candi Girl skates that I purchased for about $99 through Amazon. They arrived in 2 days with Prime and I was so excited! I couldn’t wait to get off work and put them on. They arrived in the cute white and blue Candi Girl box and inside were two boots wrapped in plastic and stuffed with packing material and skate instructions.

They initially came with white laces, 85A seafoam green gummy wheels and matching toe stops. I really enjoyed the wheels being somewhat hybrid because it made it easier for me to skate indoor and outdoor. I’d say this was a complete win for someone who is not very experienced in changing skate wheels! I purchased my skates in a womens size 8 - they come true to womens sizes, which means you don’t have to order a size down, you can order these in the size you wear in your everyday shoes!

The boots are made with real leather and can be easily broken into. There are folded fabric sections located at the back of the heel for padded protection against wear/friction (goodbye blisters!) I enjoyed this the most because it helped minimize the amount of friction between my boot and my skin and those aching blisters as a result. I love that these skates are also padded within the boot as well; along the toes and edges of the skate you can feel a reinforced pad inside to help protect your feet, keep you stable and provide a sturdy placement for your feet while you skate! The ankle part of the boots are very supportive and allow you to balance and shift weight comfortably.

These skates do NOT come with a skate tool inside the box, unfortunately, so you will have to purchase one in order to change the wheels. To change the toe stop, since it is a bolt on toe stop in lieu of an adjustable one, you will have to find or purchase an aloe key that will fit the screw in the middle of the toe stop. I got mine from Low Price Skates in Lewisville, but most people have them lying around the house.

All of the stock items on the skates were decent, however I would strongly suggest upgrading once you’ve worn the hell out of your wheels and toe stops. For me, the wheels lasted about three months and that was just learning how to skate backwards or transition, no tricks. I ended up buying new wheels by the third month and completely tossing the stock wheels since they became shredded and torn up after running over random objects on the road and sidewalk. I basically threw out those bearings too because they’re t.r.a.s.h. and bought some Rollerbones Bearings for a smoother ride. I received new toe stops as well since mine were nearly nubs and replaced them and have maintained the original laces and plates.

I used these skates for about three or four months before I bought my Moxi skates and they were a dream come true. They were perfect when I was learning how to skate and combatting not having much balance! Overall, I’d say these skates are perfect for baddies on a budget who are looking to invest in their first pair of skates and/or are just learning to skate. They are very affordable and beginner friendly.

I hope this this gives you a clear overview of these beauties! Happy skating!

XO 💋


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