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Moxi Me Crazy: Moxi Roller Skate Review

Updated: Jan 2

Its been a long time coming, babes! I seem to have gotten myself together and can finally sit down to write some reviews for y’all! And for the most sought after, the most requested review of the year, I’m bringing you my review of the Moxi Lolly Roller Skates!

I purchased my Lollies in November of 2018 from Amazon (at the time I wasn’t aware of how important it was to purchase skates through skater-owner businesses, don’t @ me) and they arrived at my apartment in just a few days.

They came in the classic black box with the rink stickers on the outside. The box included two plastic wrapped Clementine boots with the Clementine Moxi gummy wheels, two pairs of laces (not laced on the boots), a nut tool and a card with instructions. After lacing them up, I immediately tried them on to confirm I had purchased the right size and my initial reaction was that they didn’t fit because the boot was so new and tight. I changed socks, loosened the laces a bit and played around with the boot to my liking. They finally fit, now it was time to take them for a spin!

I took them out to the racquetball court first to test them out on smooth wood. From my initial reaction, the boot fit well to my foot, the wheels glided on the waxed floor and the material of the boot was flexible and gave in to all the turns and falls I made. The boots are made of suede leather and are soft and flexible for comfort and movement. I added personalized patches on the outside of my boots with iron-heat and the boot took to the patch very well. I’ve had the patches on them now, while street and park skating, for over a year and they’ve held up completely! The wheels, although are soft and made for outdoor, I felt were a bit too beginner-friendly for my liking. They are on the larger side in terms of diameter, but they are durable for street obstacles and learning to maneuver outdoor terrain. I upgraded my wheels quickly as I personally felt the stock gummy wheels were a little too slow!

The boot comes mounted to a nylon Powerdyne plate with stock toe stops and bearings. The original plates are sturdy enough for learning and leisurely skating, but word on the street is an upgrade is in your near future if you plan to do some heavy-duty shredding in these babes. Bearings were decent, they lasted for a while before I decided to upgrade to the Bones Red Bearings. The toe stop was great, I actually love it. I purchased the stock toe stop around three times because it’s not too big, not too small, grippy and comes at an affordable price. The stock laces were great as well, but they are on the thin side so they ended up ripping sooner than expected. I replaced my laces from Derby Laces and they’ve lasted for a really long time.

If you’re looking for an affordable upgraded skate that is stylish and awesome for beginners, this is your skate! They come in so many colors and upgrade options to make your set-up truly your own. I would recommend these skates to anyone who knows how to skate and is interested in investing in a pair of skates that were built to last.

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