Maintaining Mental Wellness During COVID-19

This quarantine has really taken a turn for me and I’m not sure if it was the worse or not. I’ve actually been laid off of my job (which is honestly a relief since it was a shithole on fire, IMO) and my insurance remained active for another 30 days. I was fortunate to have ordered my medicine while I could (30-day supply was all I could get 🙃) saw all the physicians I needed to see, and took advantage of my healthcare needs before the expiration. At the beginning if last month I also applied for unemployment which has been helping a great deal, and picked up some shifts working in an Amazon fulfillment sorting center for some extra cash.

At the start of May, I no longer had access to healthcare but of course there were still things I needed to do for self care and one of those was continuing to obtain mental wellness. I could no longer go back and see the psychiatrist I had been seeing for my Trintellix, so I had to find other spaces online to seek therapy. I found a place online called Alpha Health that is basically an online clinic that takes care of needs from women’s health, general sickness and mental wellness. I reached out to them because they had a decent price for yearly mental health and after finishing a detailed questionnaire, I was matched with a physician who prescribed me 10mg of Lexapro.

Alpha Health is low-cost prescription meds that they deliver right to your door in 3 business days, but I knew of a hidden gem that could cut my prescription costs even lower! I’m talking $6! I saw an ad on Instagram for Honeybee Health for filling your prescriptions online at wholesale prices without insurance and now was the perfect time to give them a try. After spending some time researching the company and reading reviews from other purchasers, I decided I’d check it out and worse case, I’m out of $6!

Less than a week later, my prescription was mailed to my residence and once again I could receive my medication and take control of my life. I’m so thankful that I was able to find these two pharmacies and find a healthcare plan that could work for me and with me.

Keep an eye out for my next post if you’d like to read about my experiences with Lexapro!

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