Deets About My Diagnosis & How I Rediscovered Roller Skating

Updated: May 23, 2019

Hey y'all! My name is Kaci and welcome to my skate blog! I am turning 25 in June and am currently living in the middle of Texas. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in April of 2017 after getting into a hot car in the middle of a Texas summer and experienced intense numbing in my hands like I'd never imagined.

Months before this, I was experiencing this strange numbing/vibrating feeling coming from my hips and down, but it didn't hurt so I disregarded. I couldn’t explain it. I tried telling my mom, a doctor... but no one understood what was happening to my body. I would notice the sensation when I moved my legs a certain way, when I took warmer-than-warm showers or had been exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time. And then it disappeared. But one summer day from hell sent my arms and hands into heat shock. That’s when I realized I needed to go to the hospital. Coincidentally, I was being treated at a clinic for an automobile accident I was involved in and I let my physician know about these new symptoms I was having. I was referred to a neurologist who scheduled an MRI to take a closer look at my brain functionality. Lo and behold! MRI came back A MESS! My doctor explained the MRI to me, which consisted of many large lesions (scarred tissue), what is referred to as "black holes," and inflammation. In fact, with the resonated images and my physical exam, my neurologist was taken back at how physically stable and functioning I am! This was good news on top of the threatening images before me.

Immediately after my first exam with my neurologist I was put on a medication called Tecfidera to help slow the progression of the illness, curve the inflammation and strengthen the immune system to its best. Tecfidera worked great for about 6 months, or so I thought. Within the 6 months I was taking it I was getting violently ill with nausea every month, and doctors couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. I'm talking, in the ER 4 days at a time! It was becoming ridiculous and expensive. So I went back to my neurologist who decided to switch my medication in case the monthly cyclical vomiting was an adverse reaction to the medicine. And to my best bet, he was right! After having stopped Tecfidera I was no longer getting sick every month and weened off of the antacids I was advised to take.

In the midst of finding a new medication to take, I was completely off medicine for about 4 or 5 months. In this time, I tried to change my diet and find something active that I'd like to do to keep my body active and healthy. This is when I tip-toed with roller skating! I remembered when I was a kid and my dad bought me my first pair of Chicago roller skates. The nostalgia was too intense to bear that it didn't take me any time to talk myself into skating again. I thought, "what's the harm? It's good cardio and you can look super stylish in a custom pair!" Ok, so the last part was some bullshit as I really didn't need to spend the money on custom skates at that time, but it helped me get serious.

I searched online for weeks for the perfect pair that were cute in style, budget-friendly and good for beginners. My girlfriend had mentioned to me about a coworker who owned "the cutest pair of skates" and I needed to see for myself. To my surprise, the coworker had the most beautiful Strawberry Lolly skates manufactured by Moxi Skates. I was beyond curious because I wanted to skate in style just like her! I researched about Moxi skates, but to my discovery, I learned that Moxi skates were out of my budget at the moment.That's when I came across the beautiful Candi Girl skates!

They were so pretty and within my budget, I knew I had to get them. So I ordered these babies off of Amazon and began watching every skate video there is on youtube and facebook. When I received them, I knew that I just never wanted to not have skates on my feet. I tried practicing in them every day and pushing myself to get better. It wasn't too long before I made it a goal to practice hard in my Candi Girl skates and become solid in skating before making it a goal to invest in Moxi Skates.

I spent days daydreaming about my Clementine Moxi skates and being part of the Moxi family. I drew a picture of what I wanted my dream skates to look like and hung it up on my wall for manifestation. AND, remember that car accident I mentioned earlier? Well, the settlement finally came in and it was more than I had even planned for. So what does your girl do with a little extra money in her pocket? SHE BUYS HER FIRST PAIR OF MOXI SKATES that's what! 72 hours of order-refreshing anxiety until they reached my doorstep and the overjoy and excitement took over like a John Green quote : “slowly, and then all at once!" I purchased the Clementine (orange) skates in honor of Multiple Sclerosis awareness and to remind myself of the battle in which I fight everyday. I wanted my skates to be a collaborative journey along my MS because without my diagnosis, I don't think I would have picked up skating again the way I have. It also serves as a personal reminder that we are not our bodies, but they are something we own and must take care of because we only get one. I want my body to agree with me, not fight me. And I want to keep active and give my body the active lifestyle it is so desperately begging for.

Since purchasing my Moxi skates, I must add, I didn't completely abandon my Candi Girl skates, they are currently being used by my girlfriend on our skate outings and adventures. Since starting this skate blog, I have learned a lot of cool things in my skates and going forward I hope to continue to be inspired by all the amazing roller girls in the world and to inspire you guys to be inspired and to get up and skate, no matter what! I'm determined to be a badass roller skater and spread skate love all over the world! So far it's only in Dallas, next stop New Mexico!



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