How I Create My Roller Girl Flatlays

Updated: Dec 27, 2019

So, as you know, my little corner of the internet universe is dedicated to roller skating and MS, but that’s not to say it doesn’t come in style! Fashion and style trends have always been an open tab for me (one, since I’m a girl who likes girl things) but I never pursued it any further than an interest. But doing flatlays?! OMG I love them so much. I wish my entire life was a flatlay! But I’m way too unorganized, so I live through my flat photos. A few of my lays have been posted to my Instagram and I get so many DMs about how I do my flatlays and how I get inspired to make them relevant to skating. Well, if you watched my story you know I just got a brand new Canon DSLR camera and I thought this would be a perfect time to show you guys how I do my ”roller girl” flatlays while I figure out my camera!

First, I make sure I have all the items I know I’ll need:

  1. Background - I like to use white poster board for a clean look.

  2. Camera - I’ve always used my iPhone but ill be using my new Canon mostly.

  3. Good lighting - natural is always best, but I use a mixture of natural and artificial depending on what time of day I shoot.

  4. Props - at this point it’s just anything orange I can find lying around my apartment lol!

Then to begin, I lay out my background and make sure to rid of any dirt and debris. I like to make sure I am in the sunniest part of my apartment to get the most light. If there are shadows I tend to use my studio light behind/above me to minimize them.

Then I like to pick a theme. Of course the grand scheme is around my skates and/or anything MS related, but I like to focus on different things like the clothes I like to wear with my skates or cute things I find that match them. In order for my flatlays to make sense (to me as well as my viewers) I like to pick things that are related to my color scheme, MS or skating in general.

After all that planning, the real fun begins! I usually start with my topic items in the center and build with my supporting props. Clothes and/or medicine seem to be my main item props, and my skates serve as the main supporting prop.

Often times, I don’t have enough props for my flatlay and it begins to feel unbalanced to me, so I continue to build with smaller items until I am satisfied. and when I say small I mean things like glasses, then maybe a watch. And gets smaller, like earrings and bracelets or skate tools, whatever! When it comes to color, I like to place large items of the same color on opposite ends and tie them together with like-colors moving towards the center of them to create a sense of balance. But this isn’t always the case! Sometimes these flatlays lay themselves and I’ll just go with what looks best. But that is the general idea for me.

After I feel my flatlay is done, I grab my camera and start shooting! This is the part that gets tricky for me because I’m short, haha, but the idea of a flatlay is to take the photo from directly above. So, I like to use a step stool to create my looks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a flatlay if the photo is taken from an angle, this is just my favorite way of doing it.

The last step is to edit the photos before I post them online. I have always edited on my phone (guilty) with the Preview app, available in the App Store, but I’ll stop being lazy soon and use Photoshop.

And that’s pretty much it!

I hope I inspired you to make some killer flatlays! Let me know what your go-to items are!

XO 💋


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