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Envy CBD: Topical Products Review

I’m baaaaaack y’all with another review from my partner Envy CBD! This time I’m giving you all the deets about their CBD body lotion and CBD Aloe Vera topical. If you’re looking for products that not only make you smell good but get specific pain points feeling better on the fly, then keep on reading!

Envy dropped a new line of topical products earlier this month and I was very blessed to get my hands on these two amazing items. For starters, I immediately began using the body lotion since I’m a really big fan of lavender scents. My first reaction was that the smell of this lotion was so potent and delicate. It literally smelled like a bouquet of lavender flowers. I put it on my hands at first to see how my skin would react. Within minutes of completely rubbing in the lotion my hands felt so soft and silky, like satin! So satisfying.

After a few days of using it on my hands and then on my entire body, I didn’t notice any skin reactions happen. (which I’m super excited about since the face cream wasn’t a go for me 🙏🏾) Both my girlfriend and I began using it daily for moisture, softening and scent and have been very impressed with the results.

How interesting it is that my Aloe Vera arrived just in time for my new tattoo! I got my first Friday the 13th tat with Janeé, and while I’m a firm believer in using Aquaphor for healing, I decided to use the CBD Aloe Vera instead. The consistency was a little different than I expected, (I was thinking something along the lines of a clear, gelatin-like type?) as it was a thin, cloudy-white lotion type of consistency. I’m like, Ok cool 🤷🏾‍♀️. So Janeé and I began applying it to our tattoos every couple of days while using the Aquaphor in between those days. To my surprise, Janeé was affected by the aloe as her skin began to break out around the tattoo, however mine had not. My skin looks and feels nice after using it.

Not only tattoos, but with irritated skin as well! Not too long ago I was experiencing a weird little rash on my upper shoulder. I used the Aloe Vera a couple of times a day and I noticed the itching sensation had gone down a lot and the swelling from my scratching had decreased a lot as well. Within a few days, Guys, these products have been, by far, a blessing.

Overall, I’d say the Aloe Vera has multiple uses for easing skin discomfort and the body lotion is a great beauty product that not only helps you smell good but delivers natural healing aid to your entire body! If you’re still waiting to try CBD but don’t know where to start, quitting messing around and check out Envy CBD! If you use my code MYELINMOXI36 you can get a cute 20% discount on your way out! 💅🏾✨

With love as always,