Envy CBD: Strawberry Watermelon Tincture Review

Surprise surprise! Envy CBD was so generous to send me another wonderful package that I conveniently opened on 4/20! It was completely unexpected and awesome to wake up to.

Similar to my last tincture, I received a bottle containing 500 mg of CBD in the flavor Strawberry Watermelon. I was unsure about how the watermelon was going to taste when added to different foods and drinks that I like to consume, but after testing it in floral tea I think it would make a great additive. 😍 The liquid has a gentle fruity smell with the slightly green tint. When taking it sublingual, you can taste both the strawberry and the watermelon! It has a sweeter taste than the Orange tincture and reminds me of a pink starburst! I was surprised by how good it tasted (considering my opinion of watermelon flavored things tasting trash) but it tastes exactly the way it’s labeled and doesn’t have that weird CBD aftertaste. The effects usually take about 15 minutes to be felt and provide a smooth transition into comfort and recovery.

The tinctures overall give me a relaxing feeling that lasts for most of my day and helps me feel calm. I like to add tinctures to my daily routine of self care because CBD nurtures and promotes healing within the body, while I can spend more of focus on nurturing and healing on the outside, so it’s almost like CBD does part of the work!

As the days went by I became more comfortable testing it with different drinks like coffee, kombucha and seltzer and it surprisingly makes things taste tropical but not overbearing. I would recommend this product to anyone who’s looking for CBD products that actually taste good and are versatile. Don’t forget you can check out this product and many of Envy’s other CBD products on their website now and use my code MYELINMOXI36 at check out for 20% off!

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