Envy CBD: Muscle Recovery Cream Review

Updated: May 12

Y'all! 👏👏👏 I am so excited to tell you about this CBD product that has been saving my life for the past few weeks! Let's talk about muscle spasms and soreness! Maybe you can relate, but when I skate I use many different muscles that I don't typically use, leaving my body achy, sore and stressed from the work it just endured. After sleeping a night or two (with minimal massage therapy) my muscles tend to tense up in specific areas and create hard painful knots, mostly in my back. When Envy CBD sent me this as a surprise, I nearly wanted to cry because it was right on time!

Their Muscle Recovery Cream features 250mg of CBD accompanied by various natural healing ingredients such as Aloe, Black Pepper Oil, Ginger Root Oil, Witch Hazel water and full spectrum hemp extract. The cream comes in a hand-held sized tube with a removal cap. Pushing down the top of the can releases the cream into your hand or on the desired area. It has a strong menthol smell, which I love! It reminds me of childhood and using Vix to fix every cold. This cream works similar; you apply it to the problematic area (and I suggest massage the cream into the skin for a fast act, but I could be trippin') and allow it to dry naturally into the skin. Within a good 5-10 minutes the affects of the CBD can be felt and alleviate the pain in the area. I really like this product for target areas of pain because it literally works SO fast. I get stiff necks all the time (I'm a tummy sleeper) so the minute I feel one coming on when I wake up I reach for the muscle recovery cream and massage it in place. The pain is gone within minutes of the massage and I can continue on with my day.

I've used this cream on several areas of my body and have not experienced any skin reactions whatsoever. I'm very impressed with how this cream responds to pain and inflammation. As someone who deals with MS, I constantly have troublesome areas, most;y on my neck, back and shoulders that bother me and deter me from enjoying myself. Ever since I've had this muscle recovery cream, I've been able to continue living my life and heal my body without a visit to the doctor for pain meds. If you're looking for a quick and easy fix to your bothersome pain, check out this muscle recovery cream on their website! Use my code MYELINMOXI36 at checkout to get 20% off you entire order.

Good vibes and happy healing,


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