Envy CBD: Relief Wrap Review

Alright y’all, my new CBD product review for the Envy CBD collection is ready! This product was shipped with the CBD Muscle Recovery Cream and comes packaged in a slender white sleeve with the logo. The packaging is similar to beauty products, (i.e. something you’d see for makeup removers or face masks) and has a clean and neat visual appeal.

I received a sample pack that included one relief wrap that contained 50mg of CBD. At first I didn’t know what to do with the wrap, since I had the recovery cream and basically used it for everything, but then came a time when a friend of mine really hurt herself on her longboard and could benefit from the wrap more than myself.

Upon opening the package, she explained the smell of the wrap as having a strong Menthol scent! I personally love menthol and the smell so I knew this wrap was about to be really good for her. She opened the wrap and unfolded a rectangular sheet that she placed on top of the affected area. She let it sit for about 10 minutes before attempting to remove, as she felt that it wasn’t doing much healing for her. She said within minutes of removing the top layer of film she felt a deep, penetrating sensation from the wrap and her knee began heating up and mimicking a tingling feeling. She left the residue on her knee, which dried up within minutes and didn't require any clean up.

The next morning I asked her how it went using the wrap and she said it really helped the deep aching in her knee and allowed her to have a better night’s sleep. I was really glad that I could help my friend’s knee with Envy’s awesome products. To my surprise, they sent me three more in the mail so I will be trying this one out for myself very soon!

If I’ve inspired you to check out some CBD products, head over to Envy CBD and shop their ever-growing selection. Feel free to use my code MYELINMOXI36 at check out for 20% off your order!!


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