Envy CBD: Pet Treats + Tincture Review

Good health and overall wellness are things that we seek for ourselves on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in how well we are doing and feeling that we can forget the wellness of our furry friends, too. Envy CBD has a collection of pet products that center around general well-being for your four-legged pals. They gifted me the Bacon flavored pet tincture in 250mg as well as a jar of pup treats containing 100mg to entirety. Our pup has separation anxiety, for sure, along with some mild joint pain and our cats are little devils when they are alone for long periods of time, so I was excited to try something that could alleviate the anxiety and discomfort.

The products were shipped to my location in a matter of days and to my surprise Envy had sent me both the tincture and the treats! (I was under the impression that I was getting one or the other 😌) The products came in the branded design, but the colors were a brownish red to distinguish the pet collection from the human products. Love it! 👌🏾

We started our pup out with the treats to which our pup really enjoyed. The recommended dosage was one a day and then increase according to weight. She really liked them at first so we began to give her two a day, once in the morning and once before we went to bed.

She was enthusiastic about them for the first few days but I think she began to notice something different happening to her body that she wasn’t used to (the CBD) and then got a little skeptical. Although, it does seem to help when they are broken into “bite” size pieces (similar to the size of her dog food). My hungry, hungry cats don’t mind them as well. 😂

We started adding the tincture to the food instead which seemed to disguise the medicinal affects a little bit more. Both the cats and the dog can no longer tell they’re taking the CBD and it’s been great. As for the effects, we have noticed the our pup does have an easier time jumping onto things now but there hasn’t been a significant change with her anxiety 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m hoping with a few more weeks (and consistency!) that we will be able to notice a more relaxing and comforting result.

Overall, I think the products are nice. I’m interested to see how the CBD will affect them in the long run! As usual, despite having been gifted these products to review all opinions of these products are my own. Try these treats now using my code MYELINMOXI36 for a cute little discount 🧡



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