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Envy CBD: Orange Tincture Review

Updated: Dec 31, 2019

In case you're not caught up with me or you don't follow me on Instagram, which you should be, then you should know that I am one of the newest CBD influencers for the brand Envy CBD! They reached out to me through Instagram to review their line of products and sent me a few goodies to try, so I will be giving you guys my 100% honest opinion of them as well as deets about the company themselves!

Envy CBD is a US-based manufacturer of premium home grown CBD products. Their method of production includes a "farm-to-table" model, meaning they grow and produce their own hemp in Oregon and California. They take advantage of ethanol extraction that yields a pure, THC-free and pesticide-free extract, so no need to worry if you’ll pass that drug test or not! Let’s get into these reviews, shall we?

*Disclaimer*: All CBD products were sent to me from Envy CBD and we’re not purchased with my own money, however, all opinions are 100% my own and cannot be bought.

One of the first couple of products that I received from Envy was the Orange tincture in 250mg. It comes in a neatly designed box that somewhat looks like a beauty product. The tincture bottle is made of frosted glass with a corresponding label. There are three flavors to the tincture, each with its respective colors and strengths, but I chose to stick with the orange for now to stay aesthetically consistent.

The Orange tincture (just like the other two flavors) is a medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil base combined with a variety of essential oils, broad spectrum hemp extract and stevia for flavor. There is a hint of orange flavor that is mildly sweet and is a great addition to my morning lattes! The dropper also comes fully labeled for an easier dosing experience.

Lab results for each tincture, flavor and milligram are provided on their website where you can view the percentages of CBD, essential oils and organic ingredients as well as the passing scores of zero pesticides and zero THC.

I took .5-.75mg of the CBD every morning with my latte and half an hour before bedtime. I didn’t notice the effects for a couple of days right off the back, but consistency is what aided in feeling it’s full effects. I noticed within a week (or a few days before a full week) that I was sleeping much deeper and feeling more relaxed and clear headed during the day. As someone with high anxiety and chronically sore muscles, I really appreciated it’s mellow and quick onset of healing properties. Using this product twice a day every single day, I’d say the tincture lasted me about three weeks to a month and left me and my partner drooling for more!

Overall, I feel Envy CBD has quality products that maintain the pure integrity of the hemp plant as well the best interest of the customer. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to try CBD for the first time or for those who are looking for premium, organic products to switch to. Check back in soon for my review on the Envy CBD face cream!