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Envy CBD: Face Cream Review

Alright y’all - so the second product I was sent from Envy CBD was this full spectrum CBD unscented face cream! Just a reminder, even though Envy CBD sent me these products to review, my opinions are 100% my own and cannot be bought. Let’s get into it!

The container has 100mg of full spectrum CBD along with a handful of other organic ingredients like Aloe Vera, Vitamin B, C & D, and avocado oil. The cream is a soft off white with virtually no scent and when applied to the skin, it leaves behind a non-greasy, smooth and moisturized complexion.

I used the product twice a day, once before my makeup and again before bed. I really liked that the face cream wasn’t very dewy and relieved the dryness of my face in seconds. I could literally feel my skin soaking up the moisture, it was a blessing! Unfortunately, I do have sensitive skin on my face, so I was not able to use this product long as I began to get small irritated bumps (similar to a heat rash) along my cheeks and forehead. I really didn't want it to be the CBD face cream because how cool is it to have medicated face cream?! So I stopped using it for a couple of days to monitor my reactions. My skin did clear up in a matter of a few days while I continued to use my Pons face cream. Eventually I began using it again because I really liked the product, but sure enough my face began breaking out again.

On the other hand, my partner Janeé has been using the face cream and it has been working well for her. She uses it twice a day as well and her skin seems soft, clear and hydrated! So if you have sensitive skin or have had previous reactions to some of the ingredients in the product then this face cream might not be for you. But, like my partner, it could very well work for you! Test it out yourself and let me know how you like this product! Use my code MYELINMOXI36 on the Envy CBD website for a special discount on your order!

As always lovies,