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Envy CBD: Essential Oil Roll-On Review

Y’all! I know I said the tincture was my favorite product, but Envy CBD has done it again with these roll-ons! They launched these new products that include 100mg of CBD as well as selected essential oils! Keep reading to find out what I think about them and how you can get your hands on some, too!

Like the last few products I reviewed, Envy sent these products to me to try out and review! The messages me through Instagram about some new products they were dropping and offered me to choose two flavors to review. I chose the Sleep roll-on that was infused with lavender and another called Immunity with infused orange essential oil. I got them in the mail within three days and started their natural healing right away. They both have very potent aromas and smell as described. Janeé and I used the lavender Sleep roll-on the same night and were very pleased by the scent and weight of the oil. It glides on very smooth and doesn’t leave a lot of oil residue behind.

Waking up in the morning, I felt like my sleep was being disturbed! I got such a deep and calming sleep the night before that I didn’t want to be bothered by waking up for the day’s venture. Janee also agrees that this product was calming and relaxing and aided in a comfortable night’s sleep. As for the orange Immunity roll-on, I used this during the day prior to work, after work, during skate sessions and skate recovery. I really enjoyed the scent and I felt relaxed and comfortable. Using this during the day helped me feel revitalized and /less/ fatigued.

Im really enjoying these products and I can’t wait to see what their other flavors have in store! This product has definitely surpassed the tincture in favoritism. Get your hands on some now on their website and use my code MYELINMOXI36 for a special discount! 🤪🧡 Happy Healing!