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Envy CBD: Double Apple Tincture Review

I'm bringing you another CBD product review from Envy CBD; today I'm reviewing the Double Apple Tincture in 500mg strength. This product was sent to me by Envy CBD for reviewing, but all my opinions are my own and cannot be bought. So let's get right into it.

For my second review go-'round I chose the Double Apple tincture to try. After reading others' reviews about the taste and overall quality of the Double Apple I was intrigued to tr it. As expected, it came in the same packaging as the Orange tincture, however with respect to the flavor the color combination was green instead of orange. Unlike the orange tincture, the Double Apple was in 500mg as opposed to the 250mg. When taking this tincture by mouth, I noticed the taste was mild and more of a sweet granny smith flavor in lieu of a sour apple taste, which I thought was a great choice. I was honestly expecting it to be on the sour apple side since most things flavored apple and coupled with the color green is usually sour, but I was glad it wasn't that way so I could add it to food and drinks!

As per my tincture schedule, I took this product once in the morning (by itself or with a Chai latte) and again before bed for better sleep. It is recommended to administer the tincture under the tongue and to refrain from swallowing for at least one minute to absorb the oil into the bloodstream. The oil actually absorbs very fast and the effects begin to onset within 15 minutes. I really liked the calming effect it had on my anxiety, allowed me to think clearer and continued to help me get great rest during the night. This product works really well and I honestly can say I'd recommend this to anyone looking for total body relaxation and mental clarity.

PRO TIP: If you're obsessed with Chai tea lattes like me and looking to spice things up a little bit 😂 add 0.5mg of this flavored tincture to your latte for a warm apple pie taste! #FallVibes

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