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Updated: Dec 27, 2019

This is a special post y'all! I am happy to announce that this coming weekend my girlfriend Janee and I are road-tripping all the way to El Paso, TX for the WalkMS fundraiser. I am so excited about this opportunity because, first, this will be my first time participating in the walk event and I was authorized to skate the journey! This is HUGE for me because I've been working so hard to learn how to street skate and be proficient in my skills and now I can show them off not only to my family that I haven't seen in a while, but to all the other MS walkers participating. I am so proud that I have the opportunity to bring good vibes, positive energies and a positive outlook on this illness to every person I come in contact with who is on a similar path. As I have said once before, MS was never a death sentence. It has only introduced me to a new me.

We are planning to head out early Friday morning, (like 6 AM) so we can stop and skate at cool little spots along the way. The entire trip is under 9 hours and our final destination will be my dad's house, where we'll be crashing at for the remaining three days. I am so excited that I get to host this event with my girlfriend because this will also be her first time hanging out in El Paso and meeting nearly my entire family! This is going to be so much fun!

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So when I take long driving trips, (typically to El Paso) I like to make sure that I have every single thing I may need packed. You're thinking, "duh!" right? But honestly, my memory/thinking skills are not as sharp as some of you may think and I often forget valuable things behind. But, in order to help me remember the most important things that should tag along, I make a list on my phone and/or in my journal that will remind me of the things I need. Typical things I like to take on a trip include:

  • outfits + extra "just in case" outfits (day/night/in-between)

  • extra underwear (this includes socks!)

  • corresponding shoes

  • all medications/vitamins/supplements

  • toothbrush/toothpaste/bathroom toiletries

  • make-up bag/face routine items

  • lotions/fragrances

  • cell phone/electronics/charging accessories

  • hair care products (flat iron, hair spray, etc.)

  • 1 purse and/or fanny pack

  • pajamas (one I often forget)

  • camera

  • belt (I ALWAYS forget this!)

  • And now, my skates/leash!

I'm a minimalist packer: I like to bring one bag with all of my things in it for optimal spacing. This makes it easier for me to take up less space and have all of my belongings in one area to keep up with. I don't know about you, but as much as I am organized I am equally unorganized. All of my things can be in one bag but that doesn't mean everything in the bag is neatly placed, so potentially "losing" things is still an option for me! LOL.

So the itinerary for our road trip is not set in stone yet, but I do have some awesome places around town that I want to show Janee. For starters, I definitely want to skate around my dad's neighborhood in east El Paso. We'll probably always have a home-cooked meal during our stay, but I am eager to get some authentic Mexican tacos in her belly before we leave! For her YouTube channel she's going to be trying the highest rated taco shops in El Paso and rating them in her video, so I am stoked to check out some local taco talent. I will have to visit my grandparents while I'm there since it's been almost a year since I've seen them last, but while we hang out in North East El Paso, I want to show her the Franklin Mountains and my favorite little cliff to hangout on. I only wish to bomb the Franklin Mountains on my skates, but that may have to wait until Janee gets a better pad-protection system going, LOL. From there, it would be very easy to check out my step-mom's neighborhood and skate the streets of North Central El Paso and perhaps Ft. Bliss military base. Two and a half days is definitely not long enough to show some around your hometown, but i'm going to do my best to show Janee a good time for a short time.

Overall, I know that this trip is going to be one for the books and I can't wait to get this show on the road. I haven't been back home to El Paso in a couple of years, so I am definitely looking forward to seeing my family, participating in this moving event and sharing this experience with my lovely girlfriend. Keep a look-out for my special vlog coming to my YoutTube channel about our awesome trip!

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