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Challenge COMPLETE: 365 Days of Skating

Updated: Jan 2

Today is the day, y’all! I am so proud and excited to announce that today marks my 365th day of skating every single day! I started on January 1, 2019, with the intent to grow as a skater and learn new skills along the way. I started indoors and gained my balance and confidence before I made my way outside. Once I stepped skate out the front door, I fell in love with the concrete and I never looked back.

I began this journey like every new skater, afraid of falling and afraid of looking ridiculous. I only skated indoors for the first two (?) months inside a racquetball room that was always empty. I started with basics like balancing going forward and 180 transitions. It was hard as hell, no matter how many Instagram videos I saved to watch and rewatch later. I took some hard falls in the beginning, too, that really shook things up for me since I didn't have protective gear yet. At first, my mindset was to be 'cute' as possible, meaning no safety pads, no toe caps, no helmet and an 'i'M gOiNg To LeArN wItHoUt SaFeTy' attitude. It only took one good tumble on my elbow to realize that protective gear wasn't meant to be "cute" it was meant to save my body and my life! Needless to say, I purchased a full gear set that same day.

Skating every single day was a challenge, both physically and virtually. I dedicated myself and my time to skate every single day for the Moxi Skate Daily Challenge, but what I failed to realize with this challenge was the marketing dedication to post on Instagram every single day as well. It was SO hard getting videos, editing them and having a post turn around on the same day. This was my greatest challenge. My partner really encouraged me to start my skate Insta and improve my social media skills, so keeping that in mind I really tried to put in all the effort I could to make sure to post consistently, post quality photos and videos and document my skating journey thus far. I gained my confidence by watching other skaters fall and bail, which was a realistic expectation that calmed my nerves about not being very good from the start.

This year of skating has definitely been the year of "firsts." I have learned so many things with practice and consistency that still excite me thinking back on the first time I landed it. My first time skating outside turned into my first time street skating which turned into my first time at the skatepark. The conversation about where to skate leveled up the more I did and that was the signal, for me, that I was progressing and becoming a better skater. I've met so many amazing people on this journey, both IRL and on Instagram who have not only watched me grow as a skater but encouraged me to do "the thing" even when I was scared because the reward of unlocking "the thing" was much greater than the regret of not having tried. The skate community embraced me and welcomed me into their space and has taught me so many things about skating, myself as a person and the world around me. This year of "firsts" has really brought me out of my comfort zone, bruised my body and introduced me to some really cool people.

Skating has also helped me combat some symptoms of MS that I've endured throughout the year; more specifically my balance issues. On foot, my balance is kind of trash, but wearing my skates has helped me develop stronger muscles in my legs (that I can see) and strengthen and engage my core for stability. Walking on foot can still be a little janky, so I've gotten so comfortable wearing my skates any and everywhere to maintain my balance support. In addition, heat intolerance is something that I experience with MS. Plenty of times this summer I've gotten extremely hot and I've thrown on my skates to feel the breeze. Same goes for Fall and Winter, inside the heat is on blast and making me nauseous so I put my skates on to cool off outside. That's how I used skating to my advantage 😆

With the year 2019 finally in a close, I've learned how to skate, how to use my core for balance, made new friends, tried new things, learned about myself as a human, challenged my diseased body, improved my social media skills and found my place in the skate community. For this new year upon us, honestly, I plan to take more time to myself (I need a little break from social media 🤣) and get more invested in park skating. Hopefully, this year will yield even more self-confidence, more trick unlocking, and chip away and expose the awesome skater I'm about to be. I have high hopes for this year!

Until next time, friends,