About Me

Hey there! You can call me Kaci. I'm a queer artist from El Paso, Texas living in the big eye of West Dallas. I moved to Denton in 2013 from New Mexico and graduated from the University of North Texas as an Interdisciplinary artist and designer. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2017 prior to graduating college. I began to redirect my energy and who I wanted to be going forward. I wanted to do whatever it took to keep my body (semi) healthy and maintain a creative outlet to stay mentally and physically stimulated.  


I didn't know what I wanted out of this diagnosis, though. I just know that I wanted to make the best out of this shitty hand I was dealt. Then I rediscovered roller skating as an adult. I began again as a beginner and quickly fell in love with my determination and the potential to be amazing. I saw so much opportunity for growth as a person, as a skill and health benefit! Now, I roller skate to stay healthy and active, to master a new skill, to challenge my body in ways I haven't in a long time, and to reach out to the world beyond my doorstep, giving and receiving tons of information that will help me learn and grow as a skater and a chronically ill individual.


This blog follows my skate journey, my Multiple Sclerosis ventures and other stuff about health and wellness or whatever. Follow me and my orange Moxi skates as I view the world from eight wheels!




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Dallas, TX, USA